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What is Chiropractic Care and How Does It Work?

Patient getting an adjustmentYour body is designed to heal itself and is controlled by the nervous system Your brain works by sending nerve impulse signals down the spinal column, which branches out to all parts of the body (the heart, lungs, stomach, muscles and skin etc.) Our flexible spine allows us to accomplish daily physical activities. But when the brain cannot send out clear messages to different parts of the body, it may have been caused by a spinal “subluxation.”

A subluxation occurs when a veterbra is out of its normal position and interferes with normal nerve function. It can happen when a nerve has been compressed, and may prevent the body from doing what it’s designed to do – function properly. In the early stages, a compression can exist without pain, and is called a silent subluxation. But if they are left untreated, degeneration can set in and cause pain!

Degeneration can contribute to headaches, asthma, allergies, menstrual issues, sciatica, chronic tiredness, and abnormal sleep. It’s scary to think-that subluxations can be caused from regular life activities, such as computer work, lifting, stress, pregnancy, sports, and lack of sufficient rest, and you may not even be aware that they are present!

So how does chiropractic care help?

Chiropractic care locates, analyzes,, and corrects misalignments with a series of spinal adjustments. The goal is to optimize your nervous system so it can function the way it was built to work. By correcting spinal misalignments and adjusting nerve interferences, the brain’s nerve impulses can flow freely through the spinal cord. This leads to relief from pain, increased energy, and an overall heightened well being. Combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient amounts of sleep, chiropractic care helps facilitate a healthy life, no matter what age.

When it comes to you and your family, preventing the problem from early on is much better than having to treat it.

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